The power of being a Connector is not merely having a network. It is about being able to activate that network on demand. Without constant maintenance and grooming, your network is like an aging spiderweb. It looks strong — until you test it — then it disintegrates. By bringing people together in new ways, Supernode Ventures is strengthening its network each and every day. For our investors, a network facilitates deal flow and a layer of support for portfolio companies. For our portfolio, the Supernode Ventures network supports hiring, funding and high-level partnerships.
— Laurel Touby

Supernode Ventures Investor Network

Our Investors represent CEOs and CXOs across industries. They meet weekly to source deals and vet companies. We tap into this network to do diligence on potential investments. Then we invest in the best.

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Supernode Ventures Founders' / 
CEOs' Network

Our entrepreneur network is comprised of 800+ CEOs from around the country, representing a variety of sectors. We bring peers together to make magic happen. Through our events, founders have connected and received help on their strategy, fundraising, media, hiring and much more. 


Our Networking Events

Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, share best practices and exchange valuable knowledge.

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