Toymail to Present New "Talkies" at YC's Winter Demo Day

Given that so many of us spend most of our days engrossed in our phones, it's not surprising that parents want a simple, safe way to talk with their children throughout the day without having to put them in front of a screen at a young age. Whether the kids are upstairs playing, or they're at home with the babysitter, parents want a way to be with their kids even when they can't physically be there. And that's where Toymail's (YC W16) new plush 'Talkies' come in. 

Parents buy a walkie-talkie that doubles as a stuffed animal toy for their child, and then download an app to connect the toy to wifi. Through the app parents can also send and receive voice messages, and manage who their kids can talk to. Kids can then use their Talkie to easily record and send a message to any of their approved contacts' phones by pressing a button on the back of the toy. Kids are even able to talk to each other toy-to-toy, provided that parents approve it on the app.

Co-Founders Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill, who previously worked together on Clocky, originally launched Toymail through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Since then, they have been working to build a new kind of toy company that leverages technology to solve the problem of keeping children and their loved ones connected. They will unveil the Talkies at Y Combinator's Winter Demo Day this week.

You can preorder yours today and get 25% off at, and check out their video here.