Fintech & VR News Roundup

BUX App, which makes stock trading easy for anyone. 

BUX App, which makes stock trading easy for anyone. 


Casual Trading App Bux Raises $1.9 Million (Tech Crunch)

Blockchain: A New Economic Model (Dataconomy)

Blockchain Tech Could Transform Payments (CoinDesk)

Podcast: Why the Israeli Fintech Scene Is Growing and Growing (BI Israel)

Whitepaper: Global Payments 2020: Transformation and Convergence (BNY Mellon)

Crypto Securities: Long Blockchain Short Wall Street (Dataconomy)

Virtual Reality

Why Virtual Reality Is About To Go Mainstream (Fortune)

AMD: VR Will Be Changing Every Aspect Of Our Lives (VR Focus)

Augmented Reality Is Being Worked On, Confirms Facebook (VR Focus)

SpaceVR Passes $100k Kickstarter Goal, VR Is Going to Space (Road to VR)


This $15 Billion Deal Shows How Tough Times Are For Chinese VC (Fortune)

Megatech Merger Would Create New Model (Fortune)

Google Unveils Accelerated Mobile Pages, Its Take on Facebook's Instant Articles (FastCo)

Fred Wilson's Thoughts on the Trans Pacific Partnership (AVC)

Reflektive Raises $3.6 Million From Andreessen Horowitz To Rethink Annual Performance Reviews (TechCrunch)

Pause Is A Super Simple Mindfulness App From ustwo (TechCrunch)