Bad Metrics Will Make Ad Blocking Worse

AdYapper client dashboard

AdYapper client dashboard


Elliot Hirsch, CEO of AdYapper, for writes for the "Data Driven Thinking" column in Ad Exchanger: 

You can see the breakdown in accountability in digital advertising everywhere these days as conflicts of interest continuously arise. It’s why viewability has driven publishers to rotate ads every two seconds. It’s why cookie-bombing and bot nets exist. It’s why frequency caps are ignored at the end of the month and why media buyers get kickbacks from their own trading desks.

In digital, new metrics and insights that serve to stop these issues are flies to be swatted for the sake of the spending spree. While there are viewability standards, frequency caps and white lists in place, any real value in these controls is often sacrificed in the name of completing the campaign before the end date. It’s a shame that everyone in the ecosystem has the tools to provide quality insights and performance, but instead seek incentives to do the opposite.

Digital media buying is now in the middle of a drastic shift as more conflicts of interest emerge with vendors, agencies and publishers. With people at the top of brand organizations wanting more accountability, ad blocking can actually serve as a catalyst for change.

Ad blocking is caused by the consumer. There are no more publisher or vendor scapegoats to blame. It’s time to seriously evaluate the holistic digital media spend and find metrics that can show where real value is created.

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