Venture Capital News Roundup

Everyone talked about Andreessen Horowitz last week. First, there was an article in WSJ claiming that the venture darling’s returns lagged its peers. By Rolfe Winkler (@RolfeWinkler). Link

And then Andreessen Horowitz responded. Partner Scott Kupor (@skupor) published a response to WSJ’s article, saying that the Journal misses the point on how VC valuations work. Link

While still on the subject of VC returns... For folks that want to dig into details, here are some of the publicly available performance reports that offer a glimpse into venture fund performance. By Dan Primack (@danprimack). Link

Wall Street steps up its game against fintech. Here’s what some of the giants are doing to defend their turf. By Jon Marino (@JonMarino). Link

Splashy unicorn says bye to big banks. Transferwise, a cross-border payments company, may have been relying on banks too much – it’s slowly bidding them adieu.  By Telis Demos (@telisdemos). Link

For those that really want to invest in the Bitcoin Investment Trust. A couple of options offer indirect exposure to the Trust, while the Winklevoss brothers work through regulatory hurdles for listing it on public markets. By Ryan Vlastelica (@ryanvlastelica Link

Are all cash burn problems money-losing? A deep dive into two vitally opposite views of cash burn. By Aswath Damodaran (@AswathDamodaran). Link

Uber welcomes a high-profile senior addition. The ride-sharing giant hired a Target exec as its second in command. By Eric Newcomer (@EricNewcomer). Link

An expert’s primer on marketing and customer acquisition. Great insights from Tomasz Tunguz’s (@ttunguz) recap of his conversation with Jeff Wiss. Link