Venture Capital News Roundup

What’s in a name? Rothenberg Ventures is rebranding itself into Frontier Tech Venture Capital in a move to adjust its direction and assuage investor concerns. By Cat Zakrzewski (@cat_zakrzewski). Link

Nuts and bolts of Salesforce’s VC arm. We all know of Salesforce’s success as a cloud-based CRM company, and this article digs into the inner workings of its venture business. By Sarah McBride (@mcbridesg). Link

Now you see me... An investigative look at a venture capital scam that came back, and then fell off the grid. By Dan Primack (@danprimack). Link

Ripple’s Series B. The cross-border payments and blockchain leader just raised $55 million in funding, with backing from major finance industry players. By Amelia Tomasicchio (@ametomasicchio). Link

You think a tweet is just a tweet? This company is making business by tracking where you tweet – and major companies are paying for it. By Kurt Wagner (@KurtWagner8). Link

Revenue forecasting, from multiple angles. A deep dive into how startups project their revenue growth, with revenue forecast data sliced by region, startup size, and other factors. By Daniel Faloppa (@faloppad). Link

Negative interest rates, restless investors. German fintech startups alleviate investors’ woes in a historically low interest rate environment. By Guy Chazan (@guychazan). Link

Pitching for capital? Read Rebekah Campbell’s (@rebekahposse) account of how she worked to improve her pitching techniques – not everyone is a natural, but everyone can work to excel at this essential skill. Link

A natural addition to AirBnB’s offerings. The Silicon Valley giant just acquired a peer-to-peer touring startup – a rational step in the right direction. By Dennis Schaal (@denschaal). Link