Venture Capital News Roundup

A New Yorker recounts 2001. Matt Turck’s (@mattturck) blog post goes back in time to the morning of 9/11, as we pause to honor everyone affected by the tragedy. Link

Food for thought from a technology giant. McKinsey interviews the president of Lenovo’s data center business about technological change and staying close to Silicon Valley. Link

IPO tidings from the West Coast. Coupa, a San Mateo-based spend management software company, is ready to go public. By Iris Dorbian (@IrisDorbian). Link

Keeping an eye on startups, the Google way. A look at how the company is keeping itself plugged into the most innovative startups. By Davey Alba (@daveyalba). Link

Nobody would mistake her success for luck. An inspiring Q&A with one of the few female fintech leaders. By Jenny Lefcourt (@jennylefcourt). Link

Is it possible to replicate iPhone’s initial success? MIT Technology Review examines where the next big opportunity might lie for Apple. By Tom Simonite (@tsimonite). Link

AirBnB’s price tag has outpaced Hilton’s. Quite a few folks that would benefit from AirBnB going public, but the time hasn’t come yet according to Jeff Jordan of Andreessen Horowitz. By Yuji Nakamura (@ynakamura56). Link

An artist’s take on bitcoin. Art installations in New York and Berlin explore bitcoin and blockchain through a different lens. By Steven Norton (@steven_norton). Link

Goldman shares the love. The finance giant to start offering its prized SecDB platform for free to its clients. By Michael P. Regan (@Reganonymous). Link