Venture Capital News Roundup

Getting to your startup’s “basecamp." And a primer on venture economics from a master. By Mark Suster (@msuster). Link

How fast is fast when it comes to growth? Apparently, upwards of 20%. Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz) delves into a 2014 paper by McKinsey on rapid growth. Link

Keep going, but breathe along the way. A contrarian take on the widely accepted axiom of 24/7 hustling. By Jules Schroeder (@julesschroeder7). Link

McKinsey’s framework for the incumbent. In-depth analysis of how established companies can spot and respond to new trends. Link

A new machine-run fund is about to start trading. With only three securities being traded, it's probably too early for Wall Street to get nervous. By Mark Bergen (@mhbergen). Link

Lots going on with bitcoin these days. A major exchange heist and a few legal uncertainties. By Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_). Link

Is it really a better mousetrap? WSJ’s chimes in on the latest bitcoin developments. By Paul Vigna (@paulvigna). Link

Big Data x Life Sciences. Matt Turck (@mattturck) outlines an ambitious new genomics project and fresh trends in this field. Link

A complicated marriage. Uber and Didi tied the knot in China, but the union has some hurdles ahead. By Doug Young (@youngchinabiz). Link