August Tech Media Dinner: Do You Want to Be Immortal?

This past Thursday, at our monthly Tech Media Dinner, we hosted a star-studded group of  founders, tech media and investors  including Anthony Ha of TechCrunch, Ruth Reader, of Fast Company, Chieh Huang of Boxed, Mark Ghermezian, of Appboy and Kamal Ravikant of Evolve VC.    

The dinner was at the fabulous loft apartment of Laurel Touby (Managing Partner @FlatironInvestors) and Jon Fine (Executive Editor @Inc) in the heart of the Flatiron District. Our co-host for the event was J.J. Colao of Haymaker Co. a Brooklyn based PR firm representing top startups such as GrubHub and WayUp.

The question of the night:
Do You Want to Be Immortal? If so, what are the conditions you would need to do so? If not, why not?  

As it turns out, the topic was quite prescient considering the release of this article (The Ethics of Transhumanism) on TechCrunch.

So, what was the consensus? Turns out there was a pretty even split between those who chose immortality and those who would choose death. Members of Team Life said they absolutely required that they not be among the only people with this super power (no one wants to be immortal alone). Team Death had excellent arguments for why life should be curtailed. The best was scarcity. A scarce good is valued more highly than one that is limitless. You would end up not appreciating (and even wasting) your life if you knew it was never-ending. 

This applies to dinners, too! If you know a meal does not last forever, you will more readily savor every bite. And so we did.

Next month's proposed topic: Polyamory. 

Care to join us? Apply by contacting Laurel AT Flatiron Investors Dot Com.