Venture Capital News Roundup

The current state of venture capital. A thorough look at where the deals are and who’s investing . By Lydia Dishman (@lydiabreakfast). Link

The Fintech Index has arrived! Developed by KBW and Nasdaq, this brand new index will track performance of 49 fintech companies. Link

Deal news of last week. Read more about the Unilever / Dollar Shave Club deal that hit the headlines last week. By Ryan Caldbeck (@CircleUp).  Link

… and deal news of this week. We all heard about Verizon buying Yahoo for 5 billion, but what will happen to ~40 billion of leftovers? By Michael J. de la Merced (@m_delamerced). Link

Time for a board meeting with investors? This brilliant post by Mark Suster (@msuster) packs a wealth of advice to keep you on track. Link

Big banks are winning the mobile race. A look at banks with highest monthly active mobile uses. By John Maxfield (@onemarlandroad). Link

500 Startups comes of age. And it’s ready to be different. By Tomio Geron (@tomiogeron). Link

What Human Longevity does. In layman's terms, for the non-geneticists among us. By Arlene Weintraub (@arleneweintraub). Link

Life lessons. A thought-provoking take on entrepreneur-worship. By Jon Westenberg (@Jonwestenberg). Link