Venture Capital News Roundup

The AI question on everyone’s mind. Thomas Davenport (@tdav) shares his views on whether AI companies will make any money. Link

Walking away from a term sheet. blog post addresses a particularly challenging situation. Link

Here’s to a maturing crypto-market. The latest filing for The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust highlights an updated investment vehicle for the digital currency. Link

Feedback in the moment. Niko Canner’s (@nikocanner) latest blog post dives into the importance of disciplined and regular feedback. Link

Software as a disruptor. Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz) walks us through the next big shift in SaaS. Link

Blythe’s new focus. Former Wall Street exec turned blockchain expert has a new advisor role at Banco Santander. Link

More fintech news from Santander. Spain’s biggest bank amps up its fintech investment – smart move! Link

Climbing the slope of enlightenment. Matt Turck (@mattturck) takes us through NYC’s journey as a VC hub. Link

Latest on medtech funding. SeekingAlpha digs into recent trends in medtech’s challenging funding environment. Link