Venture Capital News Roundup

Well, they gotta start somewhere, right? Magic Leap’s patented headset design became the subject of much conjecture this week. By Danny Yadron (@dannyyadron). Link

And that’s how you get a hipster into a suit and tie. A different perspective on blockchain technology as a way to rope the evasive millenial into a finance job. By Lionel Laurent (@LionelRALaurent). Link

On running a successful business. Niko Canner’s (@nikocanner) blog post shares valuable lessons from what he says is one of the best books on running a business. Link

Freight forwarding might sound dreary… But one company is capturing a tremendous opportunity for innovation in this space. By Josh Constine (@joshconstine). Link

Failure can be an eye-opening experience. Five entrepreneurs share their experience with failure and how it shaped their paths. By Kelly Anne Bonner (@hearkellyroar). Link

What’s a lonely CFO to do? A great post on Primary.VC’s blog on mitigating common tensions between CFO’s and their C-suite colleagues. Link

Game of chicken in VC land. History leading up to the present state of venture capital, closing with some stern advice to entrepreneurs. By Mark Suster (@msuster). Link

Can an intelligent chat interface eventually become the system of record? Read Tomasz Tunguz’s (@ttunguz) blog post for some insightful perspective on this. Link

Mo’ money, less startups. Snapchat’s latest Series F signals a changing funding environment. Read more in Chance Barnett's (@chancebar) deep-dive on this subject. Link

Startup dream team. We all know that a great team is crucial for startup success, and you need to tell the story of how your team hits a few critical points. By Martin Zwilling (@StartupPro). Link