Venture Capital News Roundup

How about a celebratory jiggle? Line Corp, a Japanese messaging app, is getting ready for an IPO. Link

Keep on dancin’. Twilio, a SF-based communications company, is filing for an IPO – read this deep-dive into its financial projections. Link

If at first you don’t succeed. We all know this saying, but here’s some great in-depth analysis of how to use failure to propel you towards success. Great read for entrepreneurs and VC’s alike. By Travis Bradberry (@talentsmarteq). Link

The J-curve of disapproval. Dovetailing off of the previous article, Seth Godin’s (@ThisIsSethsBlog) blog post reminds is that most new ideas are met with a gulf of disapproval. Link

SaaS funding in 2016. Presented on a napkin and a more mobile-friendly paper product. By Christoph Janz (@chrija). Link

To thine own self be true. An insightful piece on the dangers of forgetting who you are when striving for innovation. By Matt Harris (@mattcharris). Link

Yup, it was a no-brainer. Bitcoin purists were dismayed, but Coinbase did the right thing by jumping on the Ethereum bandwagon. By Michael del Castillo (@DelRayMan). Link

Get your notebooks out! Marc Andreessen shares what Andreessen Horowitz looks for when deciding to invest. By Shana Lebowitz (@ShanaDLebowitz). Link

There are two kinds of startup failure – one fast and the other slow. The slow kind is all about human psychology. By Erin Griffith (@eringriffith). Link

Mixed-reality melodrama. Magic Leap’s stealthy technology might get unwanted exposure in court. By Therese Poletti (@tpoletti) Link