Venture Capital News Roundup

There’s no positive in this. Brexit is making everyone nervous – especially early stage startups. By Alexander Davis (@alecdavis). Link

One word: uncertainty. Access to the labor market and regulatory environment are just a couple of things nagging at founders’ minds after Brexit. By Natasha Lomas (@riptari). Link 

OK, let’s pile ‘em on. Anyone else follow BTC’s movement in post-Brexit hours? By Jon Russell (@jonrussell). Link 

We all know Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari. And here’s what he thinks about the future of VR. By Alex Davies  (@adavies). Link

Struggling to effectively visualize pipeline development of your startup? Read this insightful post on an intuitive high-level pipeline development visualization. By Christoph Janz (@chrija). Link

Let’s count all the red flags with this one. ETHTrade is guaranteeing a 15-25% return on your money. By JP Buntinx (@jdebunt). Link 

Obama might be eyeing a VC gig as his next move. Seems like a perfectly reasonable post-presidency career. By Maya Kosoff (@mekosoff). Link

Many a marketing exec wants to land a startup job. Here’s some practical advice to help you achieve that. By AJ Agrawal (@ajalumnify). Link

There has been a lot of buzz about Palantir lately. Could that mean that the secretive startup is up to something big? By Connie Loizos (@cookie). Link

This might make you reevaluate your org structure. A look at Conway’s law and its applicability to modern-day startups. By Tomazs Tunguz (@ttunguz). Link

And for the more academically inclined… Here’s a link to the 2008 HBS study that researched and validated Conway’s law. This link is also mentioned in Tomazs Tunguz’s post above. Link