Venture Capital News Roundup

Toggling between the rabbit and the duck. A look at the two modes of entrepreneurial thinking, and guidance on how to resolve them. By Niko Canner (@nikocanner). Link

MSFT + LNKD. Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz ) takes a look at Microsoft’s motivation for its latest acquisition, and what this means to SaaS startups. Link

Ever wonder why there’s no Apple Ventures? Caitlin Huston’s (@hustonca) article offers several explanations – it all comes down to perception, secrecy, and some financial foresight. Link

What LP’s want from GP’s (and vice versa). An insightful article exploring what makes for a great LP / GP fit. By Harry Stebbings (@HarryStebbings). Link

Oy vey, ether gone astray. Still a developing story, the DAO hack made some big waves in crypto news over the weekend. By Olga Kharif  (@olgakharif). Link

Customer success is critical in building a viable business.’s latest blog post, featuring insights from Wendi Sturgis, explores this concept in-depth. Link

Write like you talk. A great post by Paul Graham (@paulg) on a more colloquial approach to written communication. Link

Fast forward just a bit. Google exec Eric Schmidt’s vision of an ideal startup of the future. By James Cook (@jamesliamcook). Link

How ‘bout that siesta? This startup is looking to bring daytime napping to the masses. Link

Insurance tech weekend reading. A PwC report on how new entrants are reshaping the insurance industry. Link