Venture Capital News Roundup

Really, Jamie?..  It’s time to stop bickering, and either partner with the disruptors or build competitive functions within the bank. With all due respect, of course. Link

On the other end of the spectrum… Steven Cohen of Point72 acknowledges that partnering with young fintech companies may prove essential to getting an edge in investing. Link

Not today, dear. That’s what we usually say when productivity knocks, but this article detailing Steven Sinofksy’s efficiency-boosting habits is an inspiration to rise and shine. #butfirstletmewatchgameofthrones By Todd Bishop (@toddbishop) Link

ff Venture Capitals’ brand new 54MM fund. Great news for the founder-friendly (yup, that’s what “ff” stands for) company. By Connie Loizos (@Cookie). Link

What factors have the most correlation with startup success? Here are some findings – some surprising and others not so much. By Tucker J. Marion (@inuvation). Link

Get your Series A mojo back. There’s a time in an entrepreneur’s life when self-doubt can overshadow the confidence that had defined their success. Here’s how to get it back. A great article by Mark Suster (@msuster). Link

You thought your squabbles with coworkers were bad? Read about the infighting that’s threatening the take apart Xfund, a venture firm started by Harvard alums. By Katie Benner (@ktbenner) Link

Juuuust as we got excited… Craig Wright withdrew his claims that he is Satoshi’s Nakamoto (the mysterious persona behind bitcoin). Oh well. We’ll keep waiting. By Joe Mullin (@joemullin). Link

Dear asset managers, please listen. A great article from a respected publication in the investments industry on how the asset management field is about to face a major disruptive force. Link

A book just about fintech. Fresh off the press, The FinTech Book is targeted at a wide audience including investors and entrepreneurs. Some of the contributors are accomplished fintech entrepreneurs themselves. By Brenda Jubin. Link

Insurance tech has come off the back burner. With the buzz about insurance tech accelerating, this article by Whitney Arthofer is a timely analysis of segments of the insurance industry that a ready for a change. Link

Finally a wearable that we are excited to wear? Topshop announced a bootcamp for wearables entrepreneurs, culminating in a pitch to the company’s owner, and a chance for the winning product to be sold at Topshop stores. By Rachel Arthur (@rachel_arthur). Link