Venture Capital News Roundup

Debriefing Title III. A great explainer of the 600-plus pages of the law that opens venture investing to the rest of us. Link

So. Everyone’s talking about Ethereum. The latest cryptocurrency buzz decoded by Jon Evans (@rezendi). Link

Wait, is DAO a cult? Nope, it's a corporation sans corporate hierarchy. Act by May 28th if you want in. Link

And on a more scholarly note… For those inclined to dig into the weeds of Decentralized Autonomous Organization, here is the white paper behind the concept. Link

As your startup goes from “startup” to “scale up,” how should your leadership style change? Four things to help keep your workforce engaged. By Jeffrey W. Hull. Link

This sounds like magic. But it isn't. A wearable limb that moves just as your brain instructs it to. By Chip Castille. Link

More banking execs jumping ship. Axoni, a blockchain startup, is joined by the former CEO of Citadel Technology. By Telis Demos (@telisdemos). Link

But before you decide to join a startup… Here are a few things to think through. By Rebecca Knight (@knightrm). Link

Part PR move, part attempt at keeping employees happy. Palantir mounted the second liquidity event in two years. By Matt Weinberger (@gamoid). Link

Should I bring popcorn? The saga at Xfund continues, with the two founders fighting it out in the open. By Katie Benner (@ktbenner). Link