Venture Capital News Roundup

Startups building stuff for startups. Apparently, that’s the latest trend. More in Venture Beat’s list of 100 noteworthy startups, by Jeremiah Smith (@_jeremiahs). Link

Leadership is about willing to be wrong; results are owed to the team. If you’re neither, then get the bleep out of the way. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to love this article by Mark Suster (@msuster). Link

A model for SaaS reporting. Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz) uses ServiceNow’s investor presentation to discuss metrics that are both relevant to the SaaS business model and intuitive to investors. Link 

Q1 Seed Report by Primary Venture Partners. Infosec (yup, that’s a word) is in the spotlight, female consumers are a target demographic of a few funded startups, and a list of closed deals. Link

Fundraising as a sport. Couldn’t have said it any better – some candid advice from Adam Marcus (@AdamDavidMarcus) to his fellow VCs. Link

More on hiring well. Niko Canner (@nikocanner) of Incandescent shares more of his thoughts in this second installation of his “On Hiring Well” series. Link

We all know hard work and persistence are a necessity. What are other traits essential to success for startups? Susan Liu (@susanwliu) of Scale Venture Partners shares her thoughts. Link

It all comes down to doing what you’re good at. A good read on separating functions between humans and robos when it comes to finance. By Ronald Surz (@ronsurz). Link

What’s ahead for insurance tech? And are the incumbents still asleep? Peter G. Colis (@petercolis) breaks it down. Link