Venture Capital News Roundup

If angels aren’t flying your way, here are a few other ways to raise cash. Using your IKEA furniture assembly skills and renting out your desk are among small things that can help you float your startup. By Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel). Link 

Ha. About time. For folks to whom Valley speak sounds like jibberish, there’s now a book deciphering growth hacking, dogfooding, and other gems of startup speak. By Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer). Link

We all read about uBeam last week. What didn’t generate a tweetstorm is charging technology being worked on by Witricity – which might one day be used for wirelessly charging electric cars. By David Talbot (@david_a_talbot). Link

Lockdown. A humbling post from Fred Wilson (@fredwilson), a reminder that even superhuman rock star VC’s need balance. Link 

Why does disruption drag out? In his blog, Steven Sinofsky (@stevesi) delves into the lifecycle of this phenomenon and analyzes incumbents’ responses. Link

Build the product first, and go work for a company. That’s what Marc Andreessen says aspiring founders should do before striking it on their own. By Maneet Ahuja (@WallStManeet) Link

Title III is on! But who should be getting excited? This article digs into who’s likely to benefit from the new law, and why not all startups are lining up to take advantage of it. By Lizette Chapman (@lizette_chapman). Link

Negative churn is the best predictor of your SaaS startup’s Series A valuation. But why? Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz) takes us through a logical journey to explain. Link

The giants have awoken. What took them so long? Big banks have stepped up their efforts to secure patents on tech that they see strategic to their growth. By Kim Nash (@knash99) Link