Venture Capital News Roundup

Are you a manager or a maker? Or, well, both? This classic piece dives into the two ways of scheduling your day, and how you might attempt to blend the two. Oldie but goodie by Paul Graham (@paulg). Link

Sure, tell me more about my Picasso’s provenance. This piece by Jalak Jobanputra (@jalak) calls out the art market as being ripe for disruption by blockchain. About time, although getting buy-in from art dealer community might be a challenge! Link

Don’t even try, you automaton! There are some quintessentially human skills that machines can’t automate – including entrepreneurship. By Aidan Cunniffe (@aidandcunniffe). Link

7%. That’s the percentage of female partners at 100 VC firms. What’s the holdup and how about we start fixing it? Link

While we’re on the subject of diversity… This VC has a few thoughts to share. Christina Passariello (@cpassariello) writes about Chamath Palihapitiya’s skirmishes with the larger VC community over what he sees as a systematic lack of diversity. Link

The unicorn fever struck many an investor last year. Here are a few key events behind the evolution of the unicorn phenomenon over the past few months, and what participants in the startup ecosystem can do to adapt. By Bill Gurley (@bgurley). Link

New kid on the block. Blythe Masters’ venture, Digital Asset Holdings, announced a brand new language for financial services agreements. Some pretty exciting stuff happening in the blockchain space with Masters taking the lead at DAH. By Anthony Noto (@nyc_vc_noto). Link

Haven’t put almost every penny of your own money into your startup? Jeff Stibel (@stibel) writes about when you need to think twice before going to VC’s for fundraising. Link

This kid knows what he wants and is going for it! Read about Jeremy Fiance, a 24-year-old UC Berkeley grad bringing VC attention to his alma mater. By Connie Loizos (@cookie). Link

Kinetic sculpture to provide for your electric needs. Give me a couple of those please! By Jonathan Margolis (@TheFutureCritic). Link (video)