Venture Capital News Roundup

This article is from 2015, but the lessons are timeless.  A deep understanding of customer acquisitions costs helps you understand how user acquisition scales, if it can scale at all... Link

What does the future of technology look like? Hint: it’s not just about hardware. Tom Goodwin (@tomfgoodwin) talks about future growth opportunities for tech. Link

We are entering Q2 without a single tech IPO year to date, yet there is an influx of new money pouring into VC funds. Read about what might be behind this spike in fundraising, and what limited partners are worried about. Link

Dropbox, Zenefits, and Cloudera were among those that saw their valuations slashed by Fidelity in the recent past. Now Dan Primack (@danprimack) questions the methodology that Fidelity might have used for the revaluations. Link

While drones may not yet be a mainstay of our lives, they are attracting the attention of commercial users. This startup is aiming to be the leading software provider to operate and glean data from drones. Link

In this brutal fundraising environment for startups, how can great companies still raise money? Mark Suster (@msuster) takes us through Invoca’s latest $30M Series D in the changing market environment. Link

We’ve been getting a glimpse of spring in the last couple of days, but the tech IPO market still hasn’t come out of deep freeze. Here are a few candidates that might finally break the ice. By Therese Poletti (@tpoletti). Link

While we’re on the topic of spring, how about a round of juice cleanse pressed by a machine that doesn’t require cleaning? Link

Hmm. Doesn’t the SEC have enough to worry about with the public financial markets? Interesting that now it’s cautioning against skyrocketing valuations of fintech startups. Link

We are very excited for Cyan Banister, who recently joined Founders Fund as the first female investing partner. By Lizette Chapman (@lizette_chapman). Link