Venture Capital News Roundup

Were you skeptical about Yale endowment’s 92.7% return on its VC portfolio? Yup, so were we. Turns out it’s all a matter of semantics, plus a healthy bit of caution when it comes to using IRR vs. TWR. Link 

While we’re on the subject of performance measurement… Here’s a paper from SVB Capital that takes an in-depth look at benchmarking and performance measurement for venture funds. Because a refresher never hurts. Link 

A company is only as great as its employees – we all know that. But how do you hire the best talent? Niko Canner (@nikocanner) lists the 9 core disciplines that are integral to hiring well. Link 

So, now that you hired the best talent, what’s the secret sauce to a successful team? This in-depth article by Mark Suster (@msuster) talks about how team-focused leaders can create and cultivate great teams. Fascinating read, especially since team dynamics play such a significant part in making or breaking a company’s vision. Link 

At least making humans obsolete isn’t one of use cases for Facebook’s chatbot platform. 5 questions that are on Tomasz Tunguz’s (@ttunguz) mind as vendors are eyeing a potential new avenue of distribution and support. Link 

In case you missed all the brouhaha about chatbots… Here’s a good article to bring you up to speed. Link 

There’s more love to go around, but not enough to keep everyone warm. More money is being handed out in Silicon Alley this year, but significantly fewer deals. By Anthony Noto (@nyc_vc_noto). Link 

VC hopefuls, take note! Great read from Jason Shuman (@BoatShuman) on how he got into venture capital. Link