Venture Capital News Roundup

Tim Devane of NextView Ventures put together a great deck outlining the state of startups in New York City. He found that 24% of all NYC venture deals were seed and the total seed funding amounted to $291M across 175 deals. He goes in depth on food logistics, media, and fintech in NYC.

The New York market can be a trap for food and meal delivery startups as the population density can create outsized order and revenue growth that is difficult to replicate in additional cities as the company expands.

Alex Iskold lists 25 “epic, must-read” blog posts about startups and fundraising.

Via Mark Suster's Venture Capital Outlook 

Via Mark Suster's Venture Capital Outlook 

Upfront VC Mark Suster gives his thoughts on the venture capital outlook of 2016. He surveyed 73 LP firms, 82% of whom said they would keep the same investment pace as 2015.

Pejman Nozad outlines what he looks for in a founder and looks back on the roots of Pejman Mar Ventures in the back room of a yogurt shop.

Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt lays out some game changing email apps. (Link)

Fred Wilson discusses the incentives of deal by deal carry on his blog. (Link)

Paul Adams argues that the idea of mobile first is outdated. It’s about screens, not mobile. As businesses mature, they begin to realize they need to serve their customers on larger screens as well as smaller ones. Mobile screens may be dominant, especially for consumer companies, but it is not the only one. (Link)

Tom Tunguz of Redpoint reminds startup founders of Porter’s Five Forces and suggests that these will become more important as the cost of capital increases in 2016 and startups have to rely more on good unit economics than winning by burning cash faster than competitors.

Jeffrey Carter of Westloop discusses the importance of internal drive in a founders and stresses the importance of getting to know that person.

Mattermark crunches the numbers to prove that investments in Bitcoin related companies have strengthened in 2016, with $58M deployed capital in the category, up from only $30M in the entire last quarter of 2015.

Pieter Welten gives a great analogy to help explain the difference between venture capital and private equity.

Brett Bivens at Visible published a helpful guide for creating a SaaS sales report and discusses the importance of having a holistic metric that the team can focus on.

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The Evolution of Mobile and the Importance of Follow-On Funding with Hadley Harris of ENIAC (Link)