Venture Capital News Roundup

What we're reading... 

The WSJ reports on the increasing number of workers in the gig economy. They find that the number of workers in this economy is roughly equivalent to the number of teachers in the U.S. public school system. They also find that most people in these jobs have alternate sources of income. Link 

Mark Cuban gives his thoughts on Apple vs. the FBI. Link

Brad Feld gives his thoughts on Apple vs. the FBI. Link

Fred Wilson talks about the two things that founders get from VCs: money and attention. When a VC stops paying attention, the money is going to stop coming in as well. Wilson calls these types of startups 'orphaned investments.' Link

Mark Suster at Upfront Ventures writes about how companies can think about getting the burn rate correct. Fundraising needs to be factored into the job descriptions of startup CEOs. There is no fundraising season; you have to cultivate relationships with your investors all the time. These relationships will be crucial to determining how much money you can burn. If you have investors known for sticking with investments through tough times, you can burn at a faster rate. Link

Victor Yocco at Smashing Magazine writes about 'the intercept,' which basically entails approaching people as they are interacting with your product or immediately after. He gives a great guide to how to successfully employ this method of customer observation. Link

Seth Levine of Foundry group lays out why he believes we are not in a tech bubble. Link

Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, discusses 'doing things right by accident.' Link