Venture Capital News Roundup

More money, more honey? The Economist looks at high-flying Silicon Valley compensation tactics, and what that means for new startups. Link

So Brexit is happening… we think. What does that mean for the biggest investor in European venture funds and the British VC industry? Link

Trending: micro venture funds. A look at what’s behind the recent growth of micro venture funds. By Scott Shane. Link

A quiet investment for Google. Turns out CapitalG (formerly known as Google Capital) has been Snapchat’s silent suitor. Link

A more granular approach to venture investing. A deep dive into the proliferation of theme focused VC investment funds. By Harry Stebbings (@HarryStebbings). Link

More common folk can invest into startups now. But there’s a dark side to this trend – this article digs into the risks often overlooked by over-enthusiastic investors. By Adam Satariano (@satariano). Link

Magic Leap’s staffing troubles. With so much focus on Magic Leap’s yet to be delivered product, let’s hope they don’t lose any more talent. By Debora Lima (@dtdlima). Link

OCC calls for more structured regulation for fintech. The financial regulator vows to take a hard stance on fintech regulation. By Rachel Witkowski (@rachelwitkowski). Link