Venture Capital News Roundup

For a change, positive news about Wells Fargo. The wealth advisory business of the troubled finance giant is working on a digital offering. Link

GE + AI x 2. General Electric has acquired not one, but two machine learning startups, in an effort to get more life out of machines. Link

Ever wonder why Silicon Valley, and not Boston, dominates the VC landscape? A fascinating look into the divergence between two regions that seemingly started on equal footing. By Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang (@haiyanwang). Link

A profile of Christine Tsai, co-founder of 500 Startups. This engaging article also doubles as a study on introverted entrepreneurship and leadership. By Leah Hunter (@leahthehunter). Link

Two VC’s, radically opposite views. It’s been a week since the next U.S. president was elected, we all know Peter Thiel’s take – now let’s hear from his partner Geoff Lewis. By Eric Newcomer (@EricNewcomer). Link

Listen up, VC hopefuls! VC jobs are hard to come by, and even harder to get into. This cheatsheet should set you on your way. By Zara Kessler (@ZaraKessler). Link

Food delivery – a $90 billion market in flux. An analytical deep dive into a changing industry. By Carsten Hirschberg, Alexander Rajko, Thomas Schumacher, and Martin Wrulich. Link

Stock options – get it right from the get-go. Marcus Gosling (@marceire) shares best practices for setting up and running your startup’s stock option plan. Link

A blueprint for customer support of the future? Tomasz Tunguz’s (@ttunguz) brush with a futuristic customer support bot from American Express. Link