Venture Capital News Roundup

And New York’s first BitLicense goes to... Circle Internet Financial, a mobile payments company, got permission to offer digital currency services in New York. By Karen Freifeld (@karen_freifeld). Link

Hot off the press! Salesforce agrees to buy marketing startup Krux in its efforts to compete with rivals. By Brian Womack (@brianwomack). Link

A tech IPO to close off Q3… Nutanix closed off Q3 with its $238m IPO, with trading having commenced on Nasdaq on September 30. By Jordan Novet (@jordannovet). Link

And a tech IPO to start off Q4! Coupa, a spend management company based in San Mateo, CA, is scheduled to IPO this Thursday, October 6. By Heather Clancy (@GreenTechLady). Link

And perhaps another IPO in the pipeline? A deep dive into Tanium, a security software company that may need to IPO soon according to Donovan Jones (@venturedeal). Link

Should startups care who the LP’s of their VC’s fund are? Only to a point, according to Mark Suster (@msuster). The VC’s themselves, however, should carefully consider their LP’s before letting them in. Link

Small checks from deep pockets. This in-depth blog post explores the reasons for why big VC firms choose to make small investments, and what that means to startups. By Christoph Janz (@chrija). Link

Value and price in VC world. A brief recap of Andreessen Horowitz vs. WSJ, with extensive commentary by Aswath Damodaran (@AswathDamodaran) on how VC’s determine their investments’ worth. Link

What does it take to convince investors? Posted about 3 years ago, this blog post explores the fundamental attributes that founders need to get investors on their side. By Paul Graham (@paulg). Link