Venture Capital News Roundup

Big Data is entering early maturity. A look at the evolution of Big Data into an assembly line of people, technologies, and processes, and how Firstmark’s investment into Dataiku fits into that landscape. By Matt Turck (@mattturck). Link

The importance of identifying your company’s strengths. Knowing your company’s competitive advantage and focusing on it is critical for your startup’s success. By Tomasz Tunguz (@ttunguz). Link

Ex-Palantir folks are struggling to cash in. Perhaps that at least partially explains why CEO Alex Karp is considering an IPO. By William Alden (@williamalden). Link

The mother of all elections is close to culmination! Is Silicon Valley’s intense engagement in the outcome of the election justified? By Ted Ullyot (@tullyot). Link

The corporate route goes against human nature… At least according to Sequoia Capital’s Bryan Schreier. By Aimee Groth (@aimeegroth). Link

Can a newcomer really challenge Amazon’s e-commerce reign? Wish, a stealthy startup that just raised fresh funding, is getting ready to compete against the giant. By Biz Carson (@bizcarson). Link

Barclay’s ex-CEO launches a fintech startup. Antony Jenkins just unveiled 10x Future Technologies, hoping to transform how banks operate. By Oscar Williams-Grut (@OscarWGrut). Link

The world’s largest public companies by market cap. Because, why should private unicorns get all the attention? By Lou Kerner (@loukerne). Link