Venture Capital News Roundup

What’s behind the golden curtain? Many startup founders dream of making it big and becoming millionaires. An honest and humbling account by David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh), creator of Ruby on Rails, documents his own realization of that goal. Link

A conversation with Marc. Connie Loizos (@cookie) interviews Marc Andreessen – the break from Twitter, Uber, and selling after an IPO are among the numerous topics that come up. Link

Greylock’s new fund. Greylock Partners just raised a new fund (number 15 in its arsenal), to focus on early-stage software-driven businesses. By Alexandria Arnold (@alexarnold117). Link

On the art of managing human capital. A good VC is first and foremost a good judge of people, according to Mark Suster (@msuster). Link

A VC’s take on Coupa IPO. An insightful interview with Bryan Stolle, one of the investors in the recently-IPO’ed spend management provider Coupa. By Cromwell Schubarth (@SVBizCrom). Link

Blockchain is the new black. Looking past the hype, the Australian Securities Exchange has announced that it’s moving its clearing and settlements on to blockchain. By Nicole Bullock (@nicoleabullock). Link

The heat is on for Palantir. Commentary on the secretive unicorn’s response to federal government’s discrimination case against it. By Ben Dipietro (@BenDiPietro1). Link

Betterment or Vanguard? With the digital advisor and the giant incumbent coming head-to-head for clients’ assets, it really all depends on how much you value human interaction. By Dan Caplinger (@dancaplinger). Link

The un-Silicon way of building a startup. Without the publicity of funding rounds, Atlanta-based MailChimp has slowly but steadily built up its presence in the startup arena. By Farhad Manjoo (@fmanjoo). Link