Venture Capital News Roundup

Samsung Gear VR

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, discusses the near and long term future of virtual reality.

Maciej Ceglowski believes we are in an ad tech bubble. 

The Macro published an extremely intensive guide to seed fundraising.  

Meenal Balar, VP of marketing at Remind and formerly at Facebook, gives a great interview about growth strategy

“All prospective users for any product or service fall into three buckets. First, you have users who have never heard of your product ever; second, you have users who know about you but aren’t using you; and third, you have people who know about you but don’t want to use you. Most growth work focuses on those first two segments.”

Jonah Peretti discusses strategy and the importance of experimenting with Business Insider

We have a big pool of generalists who are constantly experimenting. We then find that people get a crush on something — you know when you get a crush on a person you don’t know that much about … you’re sort of obsessed with them, you want to spend more time with them — we have people on our team who have a crush on a platform, like Facebook video.

Brett Bivens at Visible VC talks about the importance of financial models in telling the story of a startup. A good financial model will contain well thought out projects and a properly structured, dynamic spreadsheet. 

Rafat Ali, founder of Skift, writes about how his company got off of the addition to venture capital and found its own way to profits

Susan Crawford writes about big cable’s hold on internet connectivity in the United States and the importance of switching to a fiber-optic network in the future. 

Tim Devane of NextView Ventures discusses how entrepreneurs can size the market when presenting to investors. He breaks it down to three types, an existing market, an expand the pie market, and a created market. 

Henry Ward of eShares discusses how he approaches the hiring process. He discusses the principles below in great depth.


Henry Ward's hiring principles. 

Henry Ward's hiring principles. 

Kevin Rose gives 5 tech predictions for 2016. Among those predictions, VR will be a dud, Apple Watch 2 will have mediocre success, and Uber will compete with Yelp. 

Fortune writes that venture funding fell off a cliff last year (as evidenced above). This is mainly due to a decline in late stage investing, not early rounds of funding. 

Sean Blanda writes about about “false consensus bias” in an article on Medium. The article discusses the echo chamber of social media and how people increasingly classify the ‘other side’ as being out of touch or dumb. He gives recommendations on how to counter this tendency.