December 16 Venture Capital / Fintech News Roundup

Andy Weissman outlines USV's investment thesis  here . 

Andy Weissman outlines USV's investment thesis here

Venture Capital 

The Evolution of the Union Square Venture's Thesis (Fred Wilson)

What's Going On With Yahoo's Spinoff - And Why It's Important (Mahesh)

The Logical Answer Is Usually Wrong (Points&Figures)

Where VC's Should Look For Startup Unicorns (Mattermark)

A 2016 Product Manager Discussion Guide (Steven Sinofsky)

Slack Raises $80mm to Support Platform Strategy (WSJ)

To Predict The Future One Third, You Need To Be Crazy (Steve Blank)

How Living Social Imploded (Sramana Mitra)

The Great App Unbundling Trend Is Already In Trouble (FastCo)


A Technology Port in a Market Storm (TechCrunch)

SEC Approves Overstock's Plan to Issue Blockchain Securities (Coindesk)

Blockchain Could Shift Balance of Corporate Power (Coindesk)

Who Will Create the Near Real Time Capital Markets Settlement (Fintech Daily)

A Discussion With Wells Fargo's Steve Ellis (Fintech)