News Roundup November 23

Venture Capital

The Secret Weapon To Scaling: Sales Operations (Seeing Both Sides)

Are IPOs the New Down Rounds? (Tech Crunch)

Forces of Short Term Thinking (DealBook)

Risking Your Neck To Run With The Unicorns (NYT)

Startups May Find It Harder to Sell Shares in Mega Secondary Deals (WSJ)

Why Human In The Loop Computing Is The Future Of Machine Learning (Computer World)

With the Launch of Samsung’s Gear VR, The Age of Consumer Virtual Reality Is Finally Here (FastCo)

How Finance Fits Into Your Startup (Tech Crunch)

How The Race For Private Funding Is Tarnishing the Food Delivery Space (Medium)

a16z Podcast: On Recent IPOs and Comparing Private vs. Public Valuations (a16z)

The Six Accelerants of the AI Boom (Medium)

Building Global Companies Fast (AVC)




5 Insights From A Bitcoin Founder Seeking Funding (CoinDesk)

Ben Bernanke: Bitcoin Has Serious Problems (Coindesk)

The Disruption of Millennial Investing (TechCrunch)

10 Things You Should Know About Blockchain (Bank Innovation)