News Roundup - November 18

Adam Pisolni of Yammer  on scaling yourself as a tech leader

Venture Capital

Here Comes The Son: Masayoshi Son Profile (Economist)

Distribution Versus Innovation (A16Z)

Lessons From The PC Video Game Industry (Chris Dixon)

Our Guide To Marketplaces (Version One VC)

Startup Board Meetings That Suck (Fred Destin)

The Keys To Scaling Yourself as a Tech Leader: Founder of Yammer (FIrst Round Capital)

China Tech In A Nutshell (Medium)

Startup Valuations Surge in 3Q, But Data Suggests A Pullback (WSJ)

Andreessen Horowitz Launches $200 Million Biotech Fund (Forbes)



Banks and Fintech Firms’ Relationship Status: It’s Complicated (WSJ)

Bank of America CEO: Blockchain Interest Is About Education (CoinDesk)

Icahn Sells Ebay To Bet On Paypal (WSJ)

Edbury Raises $83 Million (BI)