News Roundup




Venture Capital

The Increasingly Crowded Unicorn Club In One Infographic (CB Insights)

Great Companies Don’t Have IPO Windows (Bloomberg)

Get YourGuide Raises $50 Million Growth Round Led By KKR

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Approaches $15 Million Target For Second Fund (Tech Crunch)

Introduction to High Output Management (Ben Horowitz)



Amazon Starts Shipping 21 Bitcoin Computers (CoinDesk)

Judge Judy Takes On Bitcoin Case (CoinDesk)

Origin Markets: A Fintech for Corporate P2P Borrowing and Lending (Daily Fintech)

Will Apple’s New Money-Transfer Idea Leave Visa and MasterCard in the Dust? (Re/Code)

Square’s IPO: The Beginning of the End of the Unicorn Driven Tech Bubble? (Guardian)

Mastercard Connects Startup To Its Big Brand Partners (Business Wire)

Why is the US Killing Its Fintech Industry? (VentureBeat)