News Roundup



Is Bitcoin Suitable As An Interim Store of Value for a Payment Rail (Daily Fintech)

Regulators See Blockchain As Adding Transparency (Bank Innovation)

Blackstone: Shadow Banking Enters Online Lending (Disruptive Finance)

What Will Be The Most Valuable Fintech Companies in 2020? (Disruptive Finance)

13 Fintech Companies Raise $900mm (Finovate)


Venture Capital

Startup Advice On Equity: What To Do Before You Buy Your Options (Tim Devane)

Resist and Thrive: The Negative Effects of Optimizing for Profit (Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter)

Ryan Sheffer of Momunt Discusses The Problem of App Overload (Medium

White Star Capital Closes $70M For Its First Institutional Transatlantic Fund (TechCrunch)

Rakuten Launches $100 Million Global Fund For Fintech Startups (TechCrunch)