Startup News Roundup

Yoogaia is a unique online service that brings live, interactive yoga classes to everyone's home. 

Livestreaming's Next Frontier: Yoga

Yoogaia has tapped into the $60 billion digital health market by using live streaming technology to beam yoga classes into homes of people too busy to make it to the studio. The company projects over 100,000 users by the end of this year. Other players in the live streaming fitness video market are Peleton and Crunch Fitness. 

Can Y Combinator Find Its Next Unicorn in a Hardware Startup? 

Y Combinator's founders typically have focused on software and internet companies, but an increasing number are building hardware startups. Hardware has gone from a capital intensive, high-risk business to more accessible option for founders. 3D printing and crowdfunding platforms have contributed to this change. 

The Other Billion Dollar Startup Club

Unicorns are typically described as companies that are valued at $1 billion or more. However, a small group of companies, including SoFi, Facebook, Alibaba, Groupon, and Uber, have such sky-high valuations that they have managed to raise over a billion in equity funding alone. 

Healthcare's Wild West

Healthcare is a $3.7 trillion industry, but tech entrepreneurs have been slow to move into the space. A few companies, such as Oscar Health, Adaptive Biotech, 23andMe, and Proteus Digital Health have had huge success in innovating in healthcare, but building a healthcare startup is not for the faint of heart. This article gives some great advice on the challenges of building a company and disrupting in the industry. 

How Code + Theory Is Redesigning The Huffington Post to Withstand the Next Decade

The Huffington Post is building a holistic system that is agile and flexible in order to leapfrog advances in how online media is consumed. One large part of the redesign is using machine learning to give smart recommendations to readers, with the hope that they will read more articles on the site. 

General Assembly Raises $70 Million

Advance Publications and Wellington Capital Management led the round of series D funding. In 2015, the company will enroll 14,000 students in three-month programs and will end the year with over 25,000 alumni as part of its worldwide network.